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Philippe Lacamp



Philippe Lacamp recently joined SkyNRG, a leader in the Sustainable Aviation Fuel industry, as CEO/COO. He previously spent 30 years working for Cathay Pacific Airways and the Swire Group as a member of the senior management team. His interest in SAF dates from his time as Global Head of Sustainable Development for the Swire Group. Following that role, he became SVP Americas for Cathay Pacific Airways, where he was also on the board of Fulcrum BioEnergy and then returned to Head Office in Hong Kong as Chief Risk Officer for the Cathay Pacific Group.

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  • SAFs – are they a stop gap to hydrogen and electric and not the sustainable answer?
  • Can aviation meet net-zero ambitions through the use of SAFs?
  • How to bring down costs to build demand - e.g. Carbon credits
  • Carrot or stick – what’s the most effective way to scale up production? What role will other fuels play?
  • How much is the SAF dial moving?
  • Is the 2% blending mandate at the EU level achievable by 2025? 5% by 2030?
  • Are we going to see uneven SAF availability conditioned by airport infrastructure in the early years: higher use in major airports but lower use in smaller airports?
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Philippe Lacamp
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